Global Fashion Marketplace is an exclusive marketplace for emerging global fashion. We have partnerships across the globe bringing fresh exciting brands to new international customers. We are now on the search for emerging brands in New York, London, Shanghai.

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How We Help Take Your Brand Into New Markets

Connect with local shoppers, support for fashion brands, press introductions, networking and more...

Expose Your Brand into New Market

The Global Fashion Marketplace is the perfect opportunity for emerging designers to exhibit on an international stage. We have a selection of pop up opportunities, showrooms and fashion weeks along with press introductions and VIP parties for designers that would like to exhibit.

Introduce Your Brand to New Customers

The Global Fashion Marketplace provides a unique shopping experience for the adventurous globe trotter at heart with a taste for luxury, exquisite fashion and unique independent brands. Connect with local shoppers in our global markets in various locations across the globe.

Connect Your Brand With Local Media and Press

Our press introductions and VIP parties are perfect for meeting local press, networking and having your brand presented to the media in the location of your choice.

International Business Development Support.

Our industry partners provide expert advice, guidance and on going support for brands planning on going global. Get the support you need to shape your company for the international marketplace.

I Feel Projects

Established in 2016, the Global Fashion Marketplace is an accelerator for independent fashion entrepreneurs. Our international fashion engagement provides opportunities for economic growth into new global markets for our guild of designers and artisans.

Alicia Mullings took part in our 2016 launch and participated in Fashion Week Brooklyn in New York. Fashion Week Brooklyn has emerged as one of the leading fashion events showcasing the talent of aspiring and established designers from across the globe.

Bukola Dagiloke from the Global Fashion Marketplace says “The partnership between Fashion Week Brooklyn and Global Fashion Marketplace allows our brands to access a platform on an international stage to test the market, network and make the right connections to go forward and start building world class fashion brands. Our mission is to empower and equip smaller brands to compete in the global markets”.

This is what Alicia had to say about the what the collaboration has done for her business development and global endeavours.

"Excited, focused and humbled are the three words to describe how I was feeling in preparation for the debut showcase of my designs in the United States. It is very comforting to have an established New York platform and collaboration team that are able to provide me with support when introducing my business to a wider audience. I am very appreciative to have been selected for this opportunity"

Since participating in Fashion Week Brooklyn Alicia has decided to move to New York permanently due to the contacts and expanded network she has acquired through her debut in New York. She is planning on developing her own shows in the city with plans of opening her own store with the on going support of the Global Fashion Marketplace.

This is what Alicia had to say about her first experience out in New York in 2016.

“A life changing trip to the point that I feel that I have to move to America” – Alicia Mullings


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Global Fashion Marketplace launches in Shanghai

The Global Fashion Marketplace Shanghai is in association with SoMi Showroom and is due to launch in the heart of Shanghai in 2017.

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